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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Smartfren 4G LTE download setup

Smartfren 4G LTE offers an incredibly cheap download package of 12GB for only Rp,10.000. This package is available as an add-on to your main package and valid ONLY from 1am to 7am Java time.

Unfortunately Smartfren uses a rip-off mechanism which doesn't switch over to the cheap package by time alone but you also have to manually disconnect and reconnect your modem in order to avail of this offer. If you don't do that then even if your whole downloading takes place during the specified time, the data will be deducted of your main (and expensive) package!

If you happen to reside in Bali then this time window shifts to 2am until 8am, because of the different time-zone.

As "normal" people are sleeping at that time I tried to automate the whole process and after a while I found the perfectly working solution for myself.

No more worries that you wake up in the morning and all your pulsa is gone!!! :-)

What I did was basically scheduling uTorrent to download ONLY during that time frame plus using Windows built-in Task Scheduler to automate the process.
All the screenshots in the following detailed description are from Windows 10 but they should be similar in previous versions of Windows.

If you are not yet running Windows 10 soon I'm going to post a way of how to obtain a legal copy WITHOUT an original installation of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1
Bookmark this blog and come back in a few days!

1. Download and install uTorrent
2. Click on OPTIONS -> PREFERENCES and then choose SCHEDULER
3. Here you can choose at which time your client will be scheduled to download

4. Click on APPLY and then OK. At that point your Download client should be configured correctly
5. Now open your Firefox browser or install it first if you don't have it already and choose ADD-ONS. You can find it inside the right hand side menu bar
6. Search and install IMACROS FOR FIREFOX. Once installed you will find a new small icon in your menu bar in Firefox.
7. Click on it and a small side-window will appear. Choose REC and then RECORD
8. Now iMacro is recording every mouse click you are doing. Do what ever you need to do to disconnect and reconnect your modem. At the end click on STOP and then on SAVE MACRO AS.
9. Choose an easy to remember name, e.g. REBOOT
10. Open Windows Task Scheduler and click on ACTION, CREATE Task... A new window will open
11.Give your new task a name and copy all entries from the following screenshots modifying only the initial time according to your time zone if you are not living in Bali. As you can see I used 2.16am and not 2am because we want to be sure that our time corresponds to the time of Smartfren's server. With the incredible fast download speed of Smartfren 4G LTE we can easily burn 1GB in a few minutes, so better be safe then sorry..

12. Under ACTIONS create NEW making sure to browse to your actual folder where your copy of Firefox is located

In the ADD ARGUMENTS box enter the following:
in case you called your previously recorded macro REBOOT otherwise change the name accordingly
13. Now create a second NEW action, which will let your download client start
Confirm your actions with OK and you should be all done.

You can now add all your files you wish to download. They will be waiting for you tomorrow morning when you wake up, but don't forget to EXIT your uTorrent client in the end. You have to do it via FILE and then EXIT, the normal way of closing by clicking the big X does not work.

Hope you enjoy this setup and happy downloading!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Windows 7 Driver for all Huawei Modems

After longtime researching the Net for a suitable Win7 driver for my branded E169, I found the following info which I would like to share with all of you. This driver works perfectly for E169, E160, E220, K3520 and probably all other modems too.
I've tried this with branded modems from SmartBro, Telkomsel, AXIS, Vodafone, O2, 3, TIM, Wind, E-Plus, T-Online and Airtel. The following information has been originally posted on the official Huawei Support forum as well as the link to the driver files itself. Just give it a try and let me know.

Install driver manually on Win 7 OS

1)        Uninstall all the dashboards on your PC without inserting the data card. Open the “Windows Driver for(” and double click DriverUninstall.exe.

2)        open the Windows Task manager, and you can find a process DriverUninstall.exe. Waiting for 1-2 minutes, this process will disappear. That means we have uninstalled the former driver (this operation is optional. if you don't know how to do it, just wait a few minutes and proceed with the next step).

3)        Install the driver manually without inserting the data card/usb modem. Find DriverSetup.exe in the Windows Driver for( Double click it, then open the Windows Task Manager and you can see a processes “DriverSetup.exe”. Just 1-2 minutes, this process will disappear. That means the installation have finished (this operation is optional too. if you don't know how to do it, just wait a few minutes and proceed with the next step).

4)        Insert Data card/usb modem, the driver will continue to install. During the processes, a prompt of dashboard installation will appear, choose “cancel”, don’t install the dashboard. At the end of the operation your new drivers should be installed.

5)    Now that you're done you can install the newest Dashboard from here